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Welcome to Newport Beach

Newport Beach is known for good surfing and sandy beaches. Newport Harbor once supported maritime industries, but today, it is used mostly for recreation. Balboa Island draws visitors with a waterfront path and easy access from the ferry to the shops and restaurants.


Urban Suburban Mix, Good for Families, Young Professionals, Retirement Destination, Fun Shopping Experiences, Gorgeous Beaches and Access to Neighboring Cities.

Key Details:

  1. THE NEIGHBORS: Residents are generally open to new experiences, although many enjoy routines they’ve set for themselves. Activities and routines that usually complement their varying level of financially affluent lifestyles.
  2. WHAT TO EXPECT: A beautiful coastal city with lots of opportunities for tourists to enjoy places like the Balboa Funzone and the Orange County Fair. But there are also a plethora of local bars, cafes, restaurants and family-oriented activities to enjoy regularly.
  3. THE LIFESTYLE: A great place for healthy lifestyles with many restaurants that accommodate a variety of dietary options. Residents seek and receive a good work/life balance, and enjoy great weather all year long.
  4. UNEXPECTED APPEAL: this is a calm and peaceful city. Although entertainment is vital, community welfare is at the highest level. A perfect city for water sports, nature walks, and sunset watching on beaches.
  5. THE MARKET: There’s a close to equal split between residents who own and rent here. Although many renters are young professionals, most who rent for a while tend to lean towards owning a home. Whereas most retirees have owning a home in Newport Beach on their list of preferred locations.
  6. YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE WITH: The never ending sunny days! You can ride your bike down to the beach, take a kayak or paddle-board out on the harbor, or hang out on the side of the back bay on any given day of the week.

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